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A promise made...a promise kept
"A promise made ... a promise kept" is about the many families who lovingly laid their pets to rest in the Pet Memorial Park in Cedar Hill, Texas. The burial plans made for our pets, who ARE our family members, are promises that cannot be broken. Headstones and markers with names of these beloved family members, some dating back to 1943, were once in danger of being forgotten or worse. 

To save this beautiful place of memories, the Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc. was forged by a group of concerned citizens and pet lovers, many with pets buried in the park.  And through the enormous support of citizens like you, the park has been saved and will now become a permanent place of peace and beautiful rest for our beloved pets.  BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP AS THERE IS MUCH WORK TO BE DONE!!
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CHPMP Welcomes the PETCO GM's 
to Cedar Hill to visit the
War Dog Monument and Pet Cemetery
Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc. celebrated the success of the 2014 Petco Tree Of Hope partnership on Wednesday, March 25th. 

General Manager Joey Carranza has continued to be one of CHPMP's biggest advocates and we wanted to show our appreciation for his dedication by presenting him the Compassionate Service Award! Congratulations Joey!

Thank You to Village Tech School for hosting the event in their new 'Forge' area.
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Construction begins at the Park
Pole for electrical panel and meter
above: Trench for lights to shine on flags.

left & right: Trenching for electrical conduit and wires.
above:  Trench goes up the path to the front gate for lights at front in the future.

right:  Trench at Monument for lights to light up War Dog statue.