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The Heroes
The active or retired Police, Fire, Military, U.S. Customs, Search & Rescue K9s honorably laid to rest in The Heroes Section at the Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Park.  As they are featured on the Home Page, they will be moved here.
Police K9 Dog, Gage was the FIRST canine to be honored in the Hero's Section of The Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Park. Gage was a Belgium Malinois. He was born in Holland in 2006. He offered distinguished service to police departments in South Lake and Grand Prairie. Gage retired from the Mansfield PD in 2013.

At the time of his passing, "Gage was retired Patrol and Narcotic Detection Dog for the Mansfield Police Department where he served from March 2012 to September 2013. The traits that are evident in all service dogs are many, such as hard-working, confident, protective, alert, active and yes, STUBBORN, but there is a common thread that ties each of them together with their handler and being a LOYAL and DEPENDABLE team player is a must! For anyone who has loved a dog knows the bond that exists between themselves and their four legged companion. It has been said that we tend to resemble the pet that we select so just maybe our pet absorbs some of our traits as well. It was jokingly stated that Gage picked up a few habits from his handler and partner. He loved to be loved on, and when he had his favorite toy, he was in his own world! ALL dogs are special but these five K9s that lie in the Hero's Section of The Cedar Hill Pet Cemetery are truly special!
Dallas Fire-Rescue Chief Debra Mullins rescued and adopted a six months old puppy in 2002, and named her Ashly. She was a Labrador and Border Collie mix that had been abandoned. After canine psychological profiling to determine if she would be adept Ashly was trained as an accelerant detection canine. She served ten years, from 2003 to 2012.

She was certified by the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office and the North American Police Work Dog Association. She was the first Accelerant Detection dog to be accepted into the National Kids and Cops Campaign. She helped start the canine protection program in the early 200s. Ashly learned to sniff out 20 materials used to set fires. She worked hundreds of fire scenes.

Ashly attended numerous civic and community events. She has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, and on all the local television stations. Ash had make guest appearances at local events such as the Dallas Auto Show, The Dallas Sidekicks game, Subaru of Dallas grand opening, Interstate Battery Expo, and Boo at The Zoo.

Ashly retired in 2012 and spend her 15 years living on a ranch with other cats, dogs, horses and goats.

She was laid to rest Friday, June 2, 2017, in the Heroes Section of the Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Park with full honors.