Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc.
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A promise made...a promise kept
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The Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc. Board of Directors is a diverse group of pet lovers who have come together to champion the cause and future of YOUR Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Park. Feel free to contact any member of the Board, personally, to express your concerns, share feelings, or ask questions!
Board Members
Chairman:     Lynn Cherry

Vice Chair:     Teresa Sims

Memorial Services Director:     Thomas Neugebauer

Recording Secretary:     Kathy Draxler

Treasurer:     Judy Calvert

Fundraising Director:     Lisa Mayfield

Public Relations Director:     Tiffany Gillen

Site and Facilities Director:      vacant

Veterinarian Liaison:     vacant

Police Liaison:     Brandon Kramer

Attorney of Record:     Kimberly Cobb Pinkerton

Past Chair/Founder:       Theresa M Brandon