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The mission of the “Shadow Fund” is to promote education on the importance of the partnership between working dogs and their handlers and raise public awareness about the health care of retired police and retired military working dogs (K9's). The "Shadow Fund" will promote the raising of funds for these K9's residing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc. launches it's second application cycle for the Shadow Fund Grant in the amount of $1,500, accepting applications from July 1 to Sept 30th. Handlers of retired Law Enforcement K9s and Military Working Dogs in the DFW Metroplex are encouraged to apply.

The "Shadow Fund" which is an advocacy program that will grant financial assistance to handlers of retired K9s. These handlers, often the officers themselves who served alongside the K9s as members of local police departments or the military, are fully responsible for the medical bills associated with caring for the K9s once the dog has retired. Sadly, these dogs often face debilitating injuries and medical conditions as a result of their service to our community and nation.

The Shadow Fund has been made possible through the support of both individuals and especially the PETCO Foundation and local PETCO stores across the DFW Metroplex. The Shadow Fund, operating under the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, provides a tax exemption for its donors, so it is a win-win for the community. In addition, the Pet Memorial Park will include a Heroes' section around the  War Dog Monument just for these dogs when the time comes to honor their life of service. The Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc., will cover all costs associated with the interment of these heroic animals.

Donations to the Shadow Fund can be made online through Paypal or through a check payable to:

The Shadow Fund  
c/o Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc.
P.O. Box 1418
Cedar Hill, TX 75106-1418

Applications should be mailed to the above address as well.
Any queries can be relayed to the Police Liaison through electronic means. Contact information will be provided by calling the Organization's toll free  answering service at 1-800-818-8251