Burial Services 
If you are in need of burial services,
please contact us at 800-818-8251
Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

    Since the early 1940's, over 5,500 families have made the decision to lay their beloved pet to rest at the Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Park. CHPMP is dedicated to honoring the bond between humans and their animals. We're committed to maintaining a sanctuary of peace and rest for our cherished pets we call family. We understand that the loss of a pet can be emotionally draining. We are here to assist you and your family in this time of need, and understand the importance of celebrating the life of an animal companion.

There are two burial options to choose from.

Natural Burial
This choice could also be called a "green burial". There is no casket used. In place of a casket, a favorite blanket from home maybe used. If there I no favorite blanket, a sheet or covering material will be needed.

Private Burial
A casket or box is used. It will need to be an outside purchase. If a pet casket is what you and your family would like, any internet sites offer them with next day shipping. A pet casket, personally made box, plastic box or wooden box may all be used. The container sizing should meet 2'x3' for one plot or a larger pet could fit in a 3'x4' in two plots. The Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project representative will consult with you, if you have more questions.

After your dear pet is buried, we ask you to please purchase a permanent headstone within 90 days. We recommend a family-owned company with locations across the DFW Metroplex, Worthington Monuments.

Worthington Monuments

There will always be those special moments, holidays, and birthdays that were special with your pet. You and your family can remember those days by visiting your pet at the Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Park. The park is open from 8am to 8pm. Flowers, trinkets and decorations are always welcome. We request that as those items get weathered and out of date, they are promptly removed. We reserve the right to discard those items, if we see appropriate.

Plot: $323
Opening and Closing: $125
Please call us for more information.