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The Story of Bennie Jett 

The night of Thanksgiving 2009 promised to have freezing temperatures.  That afternoon, Mr. Brandon decided to check on a little dog in the neighborhood that he had been keeping an eye on since he found her frequently tied to a fence or a tree with a short leash and unable to move around.  He told his wife the dog was running loose, and it appeared that no one was home.  With concern that the family may have gone out of town for the holiday, the Brandon's went to the home to check on her.  They found the little dog running around with no collar, shelter, food or water.  Since the house was located on a major street they were concerned that she could get hit by a passing vehicle, not to mention her survival without basic needs.  With no one home, the authorities were called.  The little dog was taken to the Tri-City Animal Shelter where she was safe for at least another day.

It was hard not to become emotionally attached to the little dog and the Brandon's visited the shelter almost daily to check and see if anyone had adopted her.  They even tried to convince people looking for a pet how nice a dog she would be for their family.  After waiting a week, the Brandon's decided she needed a good home and adopted her for their family.  This was a bit tricky for them.  They already had 2 rescued dogs at home, one of which was a cancer survivor and could not be vaccinated.  Mrs. Brandon contacted their vet, Dr. Delbert Walters, D.V.M. of Brookside Animal Hospital.  They made arrangements for the new family member to be quarantined and prepared for entry into the Brandon home.  On December 23, 2009, the new family member joined her new home. 

Since Mr. Brandon was the one who had kept vigil over the little neighborhood dog, Mrs. Brandon suggested he name her. He chose Bennie Jett. During the next year and a half, Bennie adopted her new family. She always seemed to be smiling, happy and full of life. She absolutely loved her new life and her new family. On August 13th, 2011, the Brandon's noticed she had a cough and made an appointment to take her in to the vet on Tuesday. By Monday evening, it was apparent that something was seriously wrong and Mrs. Brandon took Bennie to the I-20 Animal Medical Center just after midnight. The staff informed her that Bennie was in critical condition and was placed on oxygen. For the next 18 hours, the staff did everything possible to save Bennie Jett but to no avail. At 6 pm on Tuesday, August 16th while the Brandons were on their way to see Bennie, Dr. Cindi Welch called and informed them Bennie had passed away.

Through the loss of Bennie Jett, and her loyalty to her previous 2 dogs buried in the cemetery, Theresa Brandon launched into action to create the nonprofit which finally saved the Pet Memorial Park on March 6, 2012, seven months after Bennie's passing.   The design for the organization's logo came from this early picture of Bennie enjoying her new home during the winter of 2009. From our grief came the saving of the final resting places of many owners beloved pets to include Bennie Jett. This sweet and once vivacious little girl now leaves a legacy of peace and will never know the battle cry "SAVE the Cedar Hill Pet Cemetery" which rallied loving citizens to fight for the future of the park on the steps of the Dallas County Courthouse. We are forever grateful for their stand.