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A Moment In Time
Littermates, from the beginning, yet so different in personality and character, these two little Shih Tzu babies came into our lives in 1995. Our lives were changed forever by these two six week old wonders. Ramiee Jo was the curious, inquisitive and most self reliant of the two. She loved to lie in the windowsill and watch the neighborhood cats. She loved outdoors and especially camping. When on a road trip, we would say “I see cows�, and she would jump up barking her head off. When at home, she loved to go with us to the hot tub. She felt it was her job to rescue the plastic yellow duck floating in the water. After discovering it, she whined at the hot tub door to get in and see the duck, and then began carrying her stuffed duck everywhere she went.
Loving Pets of Sherry and Randall Johnston - 1995-2010

GiGi Belle, on the other hand, could care less about cows, ducks, hot tubs or anything else. Her sole purpose in life was to look beautiful and be loved. GiGi definitely enjoyed living up to the characteristic of her breed, sitting beside or in the lap of her master. In the evenings her favorite spot was beside Momma in the oversized Lazy boy recliner bought specifically to accommodate them both. She also loved her meal time and would let you know when it was time to eat by barking until her food bowl was filled.

GiGi went to rest at the Cedar Hill Pet Cemetery March 22, 2010. 
Ramiee Jo joined her six months later on September 16, 2010.

Their absence from our home left a huge hole in our hearts, but the memories of our Angels will live on forever.

Loving Pet of Marshall and Becky Childers

"General Custer" (called Custer Cat for short), was a little yellow Tom Cat who belonged to Marshall and Becky Childers of Madisonville, Tx. He loved the outdoors, and especially loved to chase birds. One day he was stalking a crow; and just as he was about to pounce. the crow turned and raised its wings. That surprised and scared Custer so, that he turned and bolted towards the house at a dead run. We laughed till we hurt. 
Custer Cat was diagnosed with feline leukemia a few weeks later and had to be put down. We enjoyed the short time we had with Custer Cat. Marshall is gone now too, but I will always remember them both, and that happy day.
Custer is there near the rear of the park, on the east end. May he rest in peace.
Loving Pets of Jennie Dunaway

I have been fortunate to have 3 generations of German Shorthaired Pointers and knew that they should stay together for eternity so they were buried together in the Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Park.
Porsche was a retired AMy GSP’s at the rainbow bridge

Clyde was the dog everybody loved and he never met a stranger/human or Canine. Clyde will leave everyone smiling with a memory of their time spent with him. He was known as "the Big Dog", the Gentle Giant. Also a Pet Partner Therapy Dog, he's been the Easter bunny, and Santa Paws too many times to count! He's also been "Dalmatian with Cruella Deville, pulled a wagon and been a Cowboy. He's been on many a road trips. He's been to Kalamazoo and back, got to do dock diving at age 12, gone to Graceland and hit every Dairy Queen in Texas while traveling for his Flyball Tournaments. He was a great racer. That's probably a million miles and he was due for rest. He loved his stuffed animals and was never without one to carry around. He was buried with Mr. Lion.

He and his dad Nicky were often called my "twinkies" for twins. They were best friends and a pair of bookends that complemented each other. Nicky was a great flyball racer too and just a big lap dog.

Jennie Dunaway
Vomhart German Shorthaired Pointers
Loving Pets of Gloria Lett

We got Hans at a Hundes Mart in Munich, Germany where our family lived during my husband Dr. Lett was serving a tour of duty at the United States Army hospital.
Hans had five (5) siblings. All were so cute but he was the one who showed his independence as he walked away from the rest. We knew then that he was the one we wanted. Eric, one of my sons, named him. Hans is pictured here with his favorite toy.
After 3 years in Munich, Hans came to the United States two weeks ahead of us. He spent almost 2 months with Eric and Marvin at the home of their maternal grandparents in north East Texas. When we finally found and purchased a brand new home in Dallas, we had the 1/3 acre yard fenced in for Hans and his two playmates, shown here as grown men now. 
Hans was extremely smart. Eric and Marvin validated his cerebral abilities by giving him IQ tests. ( Dr. Lett and I only learned about the testing after our sons were away at college.) Needless to say, Hans, Eric and Marvin were Best Buddies indeed as they grew up together! 
Hans passed away at the age of 13 years. 
Gloria H. Lett