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A promise made...a promise kept
"A promise made ... a promise kept" is about the many families who lovingly laid their pets to rest in the Pet Memorial Park in Cedar Hill, Texas. The burial plans made for our pets, who ARE our family members, are promises that cannot be broken. Headstones and markers with names of these beloved family members, some dating back to 1943, were once in danger of being forgotten or worse. 

To save this beautiful place of memories, the Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc. was forged by a group of concerned citizens and pet lovers, many with pets buried in the park.  And through the enormous support of citizens like you, the park has been saved and will now become a permanent place of peace and beautiful rest for our beloved pets.  BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP AS THERE IS MUCH WORK TO BE DONE!!
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We Lost a Dear Friend​

Janis K. Fisher
Janis was ​the most joyous and humble person you would ever meet. She loved animals with such a passion and has, we believe, 11 of her 12 pets buried in our park. They are all located at the end of the road as you walk towards the back of the Park. She had little family but counted us as part of her adopted family. Janis did not have a computer, but would make phone calls on our behalf to others who also did not have computers. It was her way of keeping our followers informed in the early days of the project. She had a wonderful way with speaking with people that made them feel happy. She helped many a person who still grieved over the loss of their pet. Janis was interviewed by a local TV station right at the same time when we first announced the news about the potential loss of the Park back in the fall of 2011. Her words riveted people who have pets buried in the Park and was, in part, the reason why so many folks showed up at the library in Cedar Hill on November 10th. She was an excellent voice for CHPMP and we awarded her with a plaque as the "Special Assistant to the Board of Directors" in August 2012.  
Her greatest love and concern was for her cat Sheba who will now live with Joanne, a very dear friend who has kept watch over Janis and her affairs. Janis left the majority of her estate to a local veterinarian to provide care for those animals whose owners can not afford necessary medical treatment.  
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